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Among the goals of the Israel Institute for Quality, Innovation and Excellence (IQIE) is to promote quality, innovation and excellence among the various sectors in Israel by promoting beneficial cooperation with similar organizations around the world. To promote this goal, IQIE has joined selected International Initiatives, including:

Since 2014. in the framework of "Quality Relay Race" initiative, the International Guild of Quality Professionals (IGQP) and Quality Leaders Club of the Central and Eastern Europe organize the "International Competition on Management for Youth.

The Competition, the main goal of which is to involve young people (up to 35) to the movement of business excellence and quality, has aroused the great interest in a number of countries on different continents. Students and young specialists from Azerbaijan, Republic of Belarus, Georgia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, USA, Uzbekistan and Ukraine have participated since in the competition.

The competition examines young people's knowledge in the categories of:

-   Management methods

-   Standards of management systems

-   Management systems based on the concepts and models of excellence (e.g. EFQM)

The competition is conducted at a number of levels: institutional level, national level and international level, in the Olympic system: the best at each level move to the next level.

The competition is run in Israel by IIQIE.

The "Quality Innovation Award" competition is an international joint venture of a number of countries (in 2020, 20 countries) represented by their national organizations promoting quality, innovation and excellence and led by the Finnish Association for Quality, which has founded the project.

The aim of the competition is to encourage companies and organizations from various industries and services to present products / services that are innovative - INNOVATIVENESS – and which contribute to improving the economic positioning of the organization and / or raising the quality of life and welfare of the users / public - QUALITY, and to recognize those innovations that contribute most to the economy and society both in Israel and on the International level.

The competition is conducted in a number of categories in different areas, at two levels:

- The national level, in which the leading applications are selected

- The international level, in which the winning proposals in each category are selected from among the participants from the various countries.

Since Israel joined the initiative in 2014, Israeli companies have achieved international recognition in various categories, thus bringing great respect to their organizations and the State of Israel.

The competition is run in Israel by IIQIE.

Quality Innovation - Israeli site

Quality Innovation Award- International site

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